Customized Gifts
You would be eager to gift your clients, your employees or your loved ones whenever there is some celebration at your place. The motive is basically to take something back with them as a remembrance of the occasion. Your intention would be that he uses it at the same time he recalls the event.

What else would be more appropriate than to have his name or your brand name or companys logo or may be the title of the occasion permanently engraved on the gift itself.

We are providing products for engraving on wood / acrylic. Our major focus is on wooden
  • Give aways like table tops, key chains, pens, etc. Here we have number of products which can be engraved and presented to your clients.
  • We prepare wooden engraved certificates and mementos to be presented to your employees as a token of appreciation or to endorse your association with your chain partners.
  • We have a totally specialized product called "Portrait Engraving" which converts your Kodak moment to Ad Value moment i.e. engraved portraits.
  • We make one of its kind Laser engraved and laser colored name plates of different sizes.